Help Ron Bane & Vote Bane.

Make a Positive DIfference in our Community

Ron Bane is a new face for fair and impartial justice in Monongalia County.

By volunteering your time and talent, you can make a difference in several ways.

  • Inform and educate citizens.
  • Assist with campaign operations.
  • Solicit support from voters and donors.

Join our Vote Bane campaign.

Go door to door and meet people to share our campaign message.

  • Distribute and retrieve Bane for Magistrate yard signs from supporters and strategic locations in and around the county.
  • Speak with citizens and constituents by going door to door across Monongalia County to help canvass issues.
  • Help get voters to and from the polls as needed.

Make a difference from home or anywhere by calling on behalf of our campaign.

  • Call people you know and others in your neighborhood.
  • Get a list to phone other voters who share similar passions.
  • Remind others of upcoming events and key dates to remember.

Hold an event on behalf of our campaign.

  • Host Ron at a public venue, or at your home or business.
  • Organize a local coffee with the candidate and get your friends and neighbors involved.

Help with our campaign as your time and interest permits.

Help with events:

  • Logistics planning
  • Theme and decorations
  • Guest management
  • Event ambassador
  • Setup and tear down

Handle key activities:

  • Citizen relations
  • Corporate relations
  • Campaign planning
  • Campaign operations
  • Campaign communications

Join our Team!

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