Magistrate Court in Morgantown WV

Get directions, transit, parking and related information for Monongalia Magistrate Court.

Magistrate Court in Morgantown WV is on the 2nd Floor of the Monongalia County WV Justice Center

Going to Magistrate Court in Morgantown, WV is stressful enough, getting there and parking shouldn’t add to anyone’s challenges and worries. To help defendants, plaintiffs, and citizens get to the Monongalia County WV Justice Center, located at 75 High Street in downtown Morgantown, here’s information you can use, such as an interactive map with driving directions, parking information and prices, busses with routes nearby the court building and their fares, as well as information about alternative forms of transportation, like the WVU Personal Rapid Transit, which also serves downtown Morgantown, in addition to other stops that serve the main West Virginia University campus. Additionally, we have packaged fast facts for you at the bottom of the page that feature numbers, like number of parking and handicap spots near by. If you have questions about getting to court, don’t hesitate to contact us so this resource can be enhanced.

Directions, Transit, Parking & Related Information

Helpful and timely information for getting to magistrate court in Morgantown WV.

Morgantown, WV Parking Information

Morgantown Parking Authority – Managing Spots, Lots & Garages

Whether you’re stopping to file paperwork, planning to stay for an extended docket, or serving jury duty, there are parking options in downtown Morgantown to fit a variety of court-related customer needs. City parking spots cost 75 cents per hour and it’s most important to select a location based on the length of time you will be at the Justice Center. Don’t add insult to injury while in court: If you don’t know, a 24-hour option is your safest bet to avoid getting an inadvertent parking citation.

Best Parking Options Nearby the Justice Center

  • Use one of the on-street parking spots in the immediate area if you won’t be there longer than 2-hours. Feeding meters is prohibited.
  • Several 10-hour lots are in the immediate and nearby vicinity and those are good for when you know you’ll be in court all day and want to park closer to the Justice Center.
  • When you’re unsure how long you’ll be at the Justice Center and don’t mind walking, three 24-hour parking garages are downtown (University Avenue and Pleasant Street accessible to High Street via Wall Street) as well as the Wharf District garage for people who don’t mind crossing under/over the boulevard near the Foundry Street Rail Trail connections.

Morgantown Parking Tips

  • Each quarter provides 15-minutes of meter-timed parking service.
  • Morgantown uses the Park Mobile App for people who may be interested in finding and paying online.
  • Pay stations that accept credit cards are available at City lots and garages.
  • Always adhere to posted signage. Information online may not be accurate.

Mountain Line Bus Information

Mountain Line Busses –  Easy to Ride, Easy to Pay

Mass transit is the best, most economical way to get to court, if your schedule permits. Mountain Line’s regular cash fare is 75 cents and you can use coins or a bill, but neither the fare box nor the driver can make change. Instead you will receive from the fare box a change card worth the value of your change that you can use towards the fare for your next ride with Mountain Line. With a number of bus routes that pass nearby the Monongalia County Justice Center, you may find Mountain Line to be a more convenient option than contending with traffic and struggling to find parking, especially during busy times of the year, like when WVU classes are in session, and students are in town.

Mountain Line Bus Routes with Stops Nearby the Justice Center

Mountain Line Bus Tips

WVU Personal Rapid Transit Information

WVU Personal Rapid Transit – A Unique Option

In less than 12 minutes and for only 50 centers per non-WVU rider, you can ride from WVU’s Mountaineer Station on WVU’s Evansdale Campus to nearby the Monongalia County Justice Center in downtown Morgantown. Serving nearly 15,000 passengers per day since 1975, WVU’s Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) system is an efficient, sustainable way to travel across the City of Morgantown. To ride, just swipe your card or pay, click the button next to your chosen destination, enter through the turnstiles, and wait for your ride. Use the digital signage across the platforms to know when your vehicle is arriving and where you can board.

Walnut Street WVU PRT Station is 3 Blocks from the Justice Center

WVU Personal Rapid Transit Tips

  • For fare-paying riders, the system uses quarters and change machines aren’t available.
  • WVU faculty, staff and students are required to swipe their WVUID card to ride the PRT.
  • The PRT offers a flexible, on demand option that allows riders to use mass transit to get downtown and park in satellite locations.
  • The PRT runs during the normal WVU campus schedule, and so it may not be available, or otherwise may run a limited schedule, during holidays and the summer.
  • Bikes can’t be taken on the PRT, but bike racks are found nearby stations to park bikes.
  • The entrance and exit to the Walnut Street Station is on Chestnut Street.
  • Avoid overloading the vehicle or holding the doors open. Passengers should never step onto the electrically powered guideway or forcibly open vehicle doors or windows unless instructed to do so by WVU PRT officials.

Fast Facts About Getting to the Monongalia County WV Justice Center

3 bus lines transport Morgantown, WV.

Mountain Line Bus Routes Stop Nearby

Parking Sign.

2-Hour Parking Spots On Street Nearby

Disabled handicap person in a wheelchair.

Accessible Parking Spot On Street Nearby

Parking Sign.

10-hour Parking Garage Nearby

1 gas station nearby Monongalia County Justice Center.

Gas Station Nearby