Why Ron Bane is Running for Magistrate

Fair & impartial justice for Monongalia County.


Isn’t it important to know – even if you’re never in a courtroom – that fair and impartial justice is readily open to all: this fundamental value is a bedrock of American society.

Magistrate court is the foundation and entryway into our judicial system. Voters elect magistrates to serve as a judge of their peers. While higher degrees can be helpful, and needed in other courtrooms, magistrates need only hold a secondary education.

Often called the lower court, a better term for magistrate court might be common court.

As you’ll note from frequently used court forms, magistrates handle a wide range of matters, including laws relating to county ordinances, traffic citations, civil complaints, and more.

Magistrates play an integral part in enabling our broader court system to administer justice effectively and efficiently.

Ron Bane holds multiple post-secondary degrees including a terminal degree in safety management. When you Vote Bane as Magistrate, you’re electing a seasoned administrator with two decades of public service experience.


In talking with citizens, voters and taxpayers, Ron Bane presents five priorities that represent a winning slate of ideas for the future of Monongalia County.

  1. Steer at-risk youth toward help, and support vulnerable citizens
  2. Employ varying strategies to lower repeat offender rates
  3. Prioritize domestic violence and mental hygiene cases
  4. Advocate for an effective and efficient justice system:
    1. Reduce regional jail trends and taxpayer costs
    2. Ensure sufficient court resources to match county growth
    3. Minimize the need to use retired/special judges to handle caseloads
  5. Collaborate with others on strategies to address community issues:
    1. Approach the mental health crisis with care and compassion
    2. Champion recovery and sobriety in addiction and substance abuse cases

While being fair and impartial in all matters to anyone who comes before him, it’s through this lens that Judge Bane views his official duties and responsibilities.


Vote Bane as Monongalia County Magistrate in Division 1

Having served our community since 2000, Ron Bane is a new face of fair and impartial justice in Monongalia County.

Our courts are vitally important in keeping government and society in check and balanced. Honesty, work ethic, and resilience are values Ron holds and believes are needed to restore the image of our courts in West Virginia and to redefine courts across America.

With degrees including an MS, MBA and a PhD, Ron brings an professional business background and outlook to our courtroom. As a citizen judge, Bane brings common sense practicality to the bench. His background in parliamentary procedure, municipal ordinances and state law as an elected local government official ensures he’ll understand procedural rules and law so that justice can be expeditiously pursued and the rule of law fairly upheld.

Judging ones’ peers is a serious responsibility. In the courtroom, Ron will strive to treat everyone with fairness and impartiality. Moreover, Bane will honor the dignity of people who come before him, and extend respect to all who respect our court.

Thank you for voting Ron Bane as Magistrate in Monongalia County Division 1. Together, we will work to ensure life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness remain our American way.

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