Learn about Magistrate Court in Monongalia County & W.Va.

Ron Bane is a new face of fair & impartial justice in Division 1.

Magistrate Court is the foundation of our justice system.

Forms & Information

Duties & Responsibilities

In a First Year of Service, Ron Expects to Keep Busy.

Expected Minimum Number of Cases

Likely Minimum Number of Cases Per Day


Motor Vehicle & Other Misdemeanors, & Small Claims Cases

2018 State & County Court Statistics.

Monongalia County Court Statistics by the Numbers.

More Court Numbers

Some Facts About Our West Virginia Magistrate Judges.

Number of W.Va. Magistrates

Monongalia County Magistrates

Average Number of Magistrates Per County

Average Number of Magistrates Per County with 100K+ Population

Years Per Term

Current Salary

Note: SB 597, passed March 7, 2020, raises judicial salaries starting July 1, 2020.

Legal Headlines from W.Va. & Beyond

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