Bane Addresses Monongalia County Commission

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[Ron Bane:] I just wanted to stop by and see you all. I wanted to first of all thank the community for supporting me in the last election to become a magistrate, but I also wanted to reach out to you all, and to say that I’m looking forward to working with you all. We have a meeting coming up about the jail bond–or jail bill–and on the September 21, 2020, and I want to look to that to help the community and how we can make those resources work the best we possibly can. So, I just wanted to publicly say that to you all that I’m looking forward to working with all three of you, and again, I’m honored to be–on the magistrate service now. And also, the second fold is, today is my 55th birthday,

[ Laughter ]

so you got to see me on my birthday. But, I just wanted to take that moment to stop down and see you. I asked one of the commissioners, I said, “when was the last time you had a magistrate to come and see you, and he said in four years no one’s come him.” So, I want to bridge that. I’m going to work with my colleagues so that we do work closely with you, and also work with the circuit court to make things a positive thing for all of us. So, thank you very much.

[Sean Sikora:] Great. Thank you, and happy birthday.

[Ron Bane:] Thank you.

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