Save the Date, June 14, 2023 – Flag Day – Courthouse Square Community Celebration

You're invited to Stars, Stripes & Justice for All as Monongalia County pays tribute to the liberty and justice our flag represents, our veterans and those who uphold it as we acknowledge our magistrate court accomplishments.

(Morgantown, W.Va.) The public is invited to a Flag Day celebration at the Monongalia County Courthouse Square on Wednesday, June 14, from noon until 12:30 p.m., when our community celebrates Old Glory: the freedom the flag symbolizes, the country it represents, and the justice it enshrines as we honor the sacrifices of veterans who’ve fought and died in service to our nation.

In a special way, all who worked together from our community to encourage legislators, court officials and the governor’s office to provide additional help for magistrate court so as to ensure fair, equitable, and swift justice for citizens, now and going forward, will be acknowledged.

Military honors, musical tributes, and guest speakers are planned. Plan to take time during your lunch hour to celebrate together with our community in front of the courthouse on High Street.

“As citizens, when we pledge allegiance to our republic as represented by our flag, we honor all patriots and affirm our shared responsibilities to uphold those values and principles our flag represents: liberty and justice for all. It’s fitting to come together as a community and recognize our courts, and this unique, once-in-a-generation triumph to restore a fifth magistrate judge to Monongalia County this July,” said Wes Nugent, treasurer of the Vote Bane campaign.

“Magistrate court judges will have more time to schedule and prepare for court cases which will allow for more expedient justice. The courtroom space is ready with minimal costs needed to start in July. This is a win for Monongalia County’s citizens and taxpayers,” added former Star City mayor, Bob Musick, who’s helping with the commemoration.

“A bipartisan citizens committee is working to plan and host the event through the Vote Bane Committee. If you’re interested to assist or contribute time or talent, please contact us online or via social media, or reach out to Bob Musick or Wes Nugent who are leading the event,” added Ron Bane, Monongalia County Division 1 Magistrate.

June 14, 2023 Flag Day Courthouse Square Celebration.

You're Invited to Flag Day on the Courthouse Square

Honor those who uphold our stars and stripes as we acklowedge our magistrate court accomplishments.