Monongalia County Teen Court Appoints Bane to Board of Directors

Continuing the work of the Honorable Hershel Mullins to serve the youth of Monongalia County

At the December 2020 meeting of the Monongalia County Teen Court Board of Directors, Ron Bane was nominated and appointed to serve as a Board of Directors member.

Teen Court is an alternative to the courtroom that connects at-risk vulnerable youth with important education and character-building community service that can possibly save their lives, saves parents and guardians money in court costs/fines/fees, and saves officers and attorneys time to devote to cases that are greater risks to our community.

When asked about the appointment, Bane said, “Teen Court was held in high regard by my predecessor, the Honorable Hershel Mullins, and I’ll work to uphold and honor his legacy through service to our future: our youth. Collaborating with attorneys and prosecutors to refer youth to teen court and achieve the best possible outcome for all parties will be a key goal. I look forward to this opportunity and my hope is we can start hearing cases again in the spring of 2021. More information will be shared when plans are made with colleagues after the New Year.”

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