Announcing Monongalia Division 1 Magistrate’s Outreach Plan

Ron Bane has five priorities representing a long-term winning slate of ideas for our county. A multipage plan is now available to download.


(Morgantown, W.Va.) When Ron Bane campaigned for magistrate in 2020, he presented five priorities representing a long-term winning slate of ideas for Monongalia County. A multipage plan documenting and expanding on those priority goals is now available for the public to download via

Beyond just listing items previously mentioned, objectives, outcomes, tactics, and measures for each of the five goals are defined. Supporting goals to reach and engage the public about Bane’s work as Monongalia County’s Division 1 magistrate over the course of the 2021-2024 term are also listed.

After winning election in June 2020, Bane was presented with a unique opportunity to start his new career early, when he was appointed to office following the death of his predecessor, Hon. Magistrate Hershel Mullins. Bane used the first six months to not only learn as much as possible about his new role, but also lay the groundwork for his official four-year term that began in January 2021.

In September 2020, Bane appeared before the Monongalia County Commission and expressed his interest and desire to collaborate with others on shared issues of concern in our community. In December 2020, before being sworn again, Bane was appointed to the board of the Monongalia County Teen Court.

Vote Bane Chair & Treasurer, Wes Nugent, says the plan is important in two ways, “It makes Magistrate Bane’s work directly accessible and relevant to the citizens, voters, and taxpayers. It also enables Vote Bane Committee supporters to speak about his work to others, including local and state legislators.”

Nugent describes Bane as going about his work in a quiet, collaborative manner, “His role as magistrate is largely routine and administrative, but important to ensure justice is effectively served.” Nugent further adds, “Having served as a municipal legislator for upwards of two decades, Magistrate Bane understands our judiciary is a co-equal branch of government. Our courts carry out society’s laws, or otherwise send them back to their respective branches of origin if they don’t uphold American constitutional law.”

The 2021-2024 Outreach Plan represents a living document that will change with reality. As additional opportunities allow, the plan will be updated to include more detail. It’s anticipated future versions will connect specific products with the plan, like the new Division 1 Quarterly Court Card introduced on April 2, as well as document earned media and marketing efforts toward achieving plan goals and objectives. 

“Magistrate Bane is excited to take on his first, full term. The Vote Bane Committee stands ready to support Bane in his office to achieve aspects of the plan and enable him to engage the public more broadly. Anyone who is interested to help should sign up online to volunteer,” suggests Nugent.

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