2021 2nd Quarter Court Statistics Card for Monongalia Magistrate Division 1

In the second quarter, two categories of statistics had higher numbers than the previous quarter but other categories, including total case numbers were less comparatively.


(Morgantown, W.Va.) On the first anniversary of when he started as magistrate judge, Ron Bane announced the release of the 2021 Second Quarter Court Card summarizing Monongalia County Magistrate Court Division 1. To help streamline the publication and make it simpler, some changes were made to the format and so a revised 2021 first quarter court card is included for reference.

To optimize the product and make the court card more easily relatable, the new format groups various cases into fewer categories. “When discussing the initial court card format with the public, grouping items like extraditions with felonies, and domestic protective orders and protective safety orders with civil cases seemed to help make it more explainable,” said Ron Bane.

The format of the free Court Card by Vote Bane doesn’t strictly follow statistical categories set by the State Supreme Court, and is meant to help track and convey more granular trends for the benefit of conducting Bane’s office to identify opportunities based on recorded data.

“Additionally, based on the fact that Monongalia County is currently afforded four magistrates, there are cycles whereby my availability to hear cases on the bench is reduced as a result of vacation and on-call rotations as a judge after hours, and those are now noted,” indicated Bane. 

Bange suggested, “Should Monongalia County get a fifth magistrate judge in the future, court efficiency to schedule cases could be increased by 20 percent. Typically, magistrate court dockets can be scheduled up to eight weeks ahead of time and additional magistrates would open up docket time so scheduling could be separated in those instances where cases must be heard and adjudicated in a timely manner.”

Since the last quarterly report was released in April 2021, Bane purchased a home in Westover, WV. In late May, he relocated from his Morgantown residence in First Ward, and is in the process of updating official campaign documents for the future. Bane noted, “I’m just a little further away from the office but conveniently near the main Mountain Line bus depot. I’ll always have fond memories of Morgantown, my hometown, but when opportunity knocks in life, I encourage everyone to answer the call.”

The quarterly court card reflects Monongalia County Division 1 Magistrate Court Data only, and doesn’t reflect cases in progress or other factors. Information provided herein is for educational purposes only, and should not be construed as official.

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