Bane Appointed to Monongalia County Day Report Center Board

Judge Bane was honored to be asked to serve on the Monongalia County Day Report Center as a representative of magistrate court.

Ron Bane has been appointed to the Community Criminal Justice Board of Directors for the Monongalia County Day Report Center. The Day Report Center uses evidence-based practices to promote public safety, reduce recidivism, and increase offender accountability. The program partners with the judicial system, government agencies and community resources to supervise and serve offenders of all risk levels.

Serving as one of dozen members of the board, Bane shares responsibility for the general policy and direction of the Monongalia County Day Report Center and overseeing the program director, including: managing board business, determining the mission and purpose, actively supporting the mission, monitoring and advising about programs and services, ensuring all affairs are conducted in compliance with federal, state and local laws, enhancing the public image of the Monongalia County Day Report Center, and assessing performance overall.

In discussing the appointment Bane said, “A well-functioning probation program is a critical component of a justice system that cares: for offenders as individuals, as well as citizens of our community. As magistrate, I know when the program is performing well because I see fewer related cases. I look forward to working with other community partners to actively support the work of the Monongalia County Day Report Center.”

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