Ron Bane Succeeds Denny Poluga as Mountain Line Vice President

As vice president, Bane fills a role somewhat unique to the typical vice president’s position in that he will preside over Mountain Line’s grievance committee.

(Westover, W.Va.) The Mountain Line Transit Authority Board of Directors has unanimously elected Ron Bane to serve as vice president of the board, effective as of the January 12, 2022 meeting. He succeeds former board member Denny Poluga in the role. Poluga now works as a Mountain Line bus driver.

“It was a privilege to serve with Denny Poluga for so many years, and I’m glad to assist our local transit authority to continue growing bus service in our area. I look forward to working with our new board members and administration. It’s my honor to serve the board.” Bane said following his election.

Jenny Dinsmore, Mountain Line board chair, echoed Bane’s sentiments saying, “We’ve seen a lot of changes recently, and while we miss Denny at our meetings, we’re so grateful for his continuing service with Mountain Line.”

As vice president, Bane serves as pro-tem chair when the president of the board is unavailable. According to board policy, he also fills a role somewhat unique to the typical vice president’s position in that he will preside over Mountain Line’s grievance committee. It’s a role Bane understands having served as an administrator with WVU Hospitals and working through grievances. Bane expounded saying, “My experience has been that most employees value their workplace family like their own family. Outside our homes, the workplace is where we spend most of our time, and so friction can naturally be expected. We want the best for ourselves and our family and likewise, we work through grievances internally.”

Asked whether he perceives any future conflicts between hearing employee grievances and his role as judge, Bane was matter of fact, “There won’t be any conflict of interest, because in the rare event that an employee-related case might come to court, chances are it would go to Circuit Court, and if it did come before me for whatever reason, I would seek recusal in that limited instance.”

Bane has been a Mountain Line board member since June 2008. He steps down as treasurer of the board for the current term, a role capacity Bane has held since July 2017. “It’s been my privilege to serve our community as a Mountain Line board member since my time with Morgantown City Council, and subsequently as an appointee of the Monongalia County Commission since 2018. Transit has shown itself to be a worthwhile investment for our community, and I’m grateful of the support shown by partners over the years and more recently voters in our community by way of the levy,” noted Bane.

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